January 13, 2008

FIGHT BATMAN FIGHT!! A Super-Cheesy 1970's Exploitation Movie From The Philippines

Ever since finding the Exploitation "FIGHT BATMAN FIGHT" Movie Poster awhile back I have tried to research this classic Batman bootleg movie. It was filmed in the Philippines in 1973. It starred Victor Wood as Batman. The 1st set of pictures are graphics from the movie posters which have to be super-rare! The next photos are from some newspaper ads. This movie by Pacific Films is such a blatant rip-off of the Warner Brothers character that I'm sure they were sued or forced to not release this to DVD. I bet it didn't even last in the movie theaters that long, ha ha! The only available copies are probably owned by a few collectors. Judging by some of the artwork it looked like it had babes & robots, oh god! This would be so great to watch!!


Fiendenstein said...

Awesome! I dont suppose you have any wallpaper size pics

tomztoyz said...

Sorry, I don't, but I will try to find some! Look for them in the near future.

By the way, great mask!

ozz said...

Interesting find. The two movie posters scream "bootleg", but the two newspaper ads almost make it look legit.