January 29, 2008

DC Direct: NEW PHOTOS of The NEAL ADAMS BATMAN Black and White Statue!

I got an e-mail this morning from Jason Spyda Adams, the sculptor/artist of the new NEAL ADAMS BLACK & WHITE Sculpture from DC Direct. I was really happy to see this super-sharp color photo of the completed piece of art, it's beautiful! The attention to detail is very impressive & the funny thing, to me, is that it looks exactly like Neal Adams' art. ( Please click on the picture above to see the larger, more detailed, photo ). As a toy collector I'm really kinda loyal to the older vintage toys & have stayed away from all the cool Batman statues that have come out over the last few years, mainly because of budget. They're kind of expensive & my money is limited. ( Yeah, being poor sucks, ha ha! ). But, these "Black & White" statues from DC Direct are very affordable. Now, this one of Neal Adams' artwork....It's really amazing & extremely well-done. For nostalgic reasons ( I grew up reading comic books in the 1970's ) I might have to break-down & get this one! If you're thinking about getting one then here's a place with great service & good prices...click the button below.

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