December 30, 2007

Vintage 1960's Photograph: COOL KIDS IN BATMAN COSTUME!!

Ha Ha, I seriously LOVE to get vintage photos like this! I received an e-mail this morning from a loyal Bat-Blog reader named John. He wrote, "I love your site, check it every day! I thought you might like this picture of my brother and I (I'm on the left). I figure it's from early 1967, based on the snow on the awning, and those masks were merchandised from the Batman TV show. They were black ski-masks with bat-ears and the emblem on the forehead." Wow! Thanks John, this picture is really really great! I love the expression on your faces. You guys are beaming with bat-pride, ha ha! Seriously, this is a very wonderful family photo & I appreciate you sending it. I know my readers are gonna love it! If any other readers have photos to share then please send them in today! ( Our e-mail button is on the left-side of this blog ).

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