December 31, 2007

BATMAN FAN? Get The Bat-Blog On Your Mobile Phone!

I recently discovered that the Bat-Blog's RSS feed is avaliable as a free download on Plusmo! So, now you can read the Bat-Blog where ever you are! Now, I don't have a fancy mobile phone so I'm not sure how to do it but their website has very easy-to-follow instructions. Basically, Plusmo is a free service to add your favorite blogs & websites to your mobile phone. Now I did read some of the instructions & Plusmo is FREE but they warn that some phone services charge for it so you might check with your phone provider to see. It said that phones with unlimited plans are always free. We want to invite people to get this service & see what it looks like. The website has a demo of how it appears on your phone & it looks pretty cool! Here's a link to check it out.
CLICK HERE To Visit PLUSMO and Receive The Bat-Blog RSS Feed on Your Mobile Phone!!

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