November 30, 2007


OK, it's sort of a gimmick I do here to publish photos of Batman Birthday Cakes, they crack me up! Personally I love them & think of them as ART. Anyway, I was kind of faced with a small problem. Recently 2 very nice readers of the Bat-Blog sent in some awesome photos of their birthday cakes. OK, what I usually do is post 1 cake photo on the 1st & kinda make it a "cake for the readers who have a birthday that month". That way they're spread out & it's not "cake day" every other day here, ha ha! But, I got to thinking. It's gonna be a month before I publish one of these & then the other person is gonna have to wait 2 months so I thought, "To heck with it, I'll put 'em both on tonight"! So, here they are in all their glory. I wanna sincerely thank both Kevin & Andy for sending these in, they're great! Kevin's cake is the 1st one with the glass snowglobe on top. He said just seconds after the photo was taken it fell off. The 2nd one is Andy's & it came with the nice Batmobile & Batman figure...nice! I still wanna invite all readers to send cake photos or cool shots of their toy collections. Thanks.

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