November 26, 2007

Memorabilia: CATWOMAN TOYS Batman's Femme-Fatale

I've been sort of neglecting the large amount of Bat-Blog readers who are also Catwoman Fans so I thought I'd throw these cool Cat-Pictures together! Here's a nice assortment of more recent Catwoman Toys & Memorabilia. The 1st pic is an Exclusive Warner Bros Store item from a few years back, The Catwoman Figural Ceramic Cookie Jar. I think this thing is almost a beautiful piece of ART! I have a WB Catwoman Plastic Coin Bank that is almost the same exact pose & shape ( just a little smaller in scale ) but I would loooove this Cookie Jar. The next picture is a very recent Catwoman Plush Doll made by Monogram Direct. This to me seems kinda silly but it's still pretty cool. Ok, I want one, ha ha. The next photo is not really a picture of a toy but the actual "Blueprint" or "Style Pattern" used by a toy company called Play-By-Play to make their plush dolls. You've seen these, they're those small plush toys that you can win in those "Crane Machines" ( I'm really addicted to those ). The last pic is of the Limited Edition CATWOMAN Barbie that Mattel made in 2003. I actually love Barbie, as an American Icon, & think this doll is awesome. I hope some of these pix make the Catwoman Fans happy! I think later I might do a post about toys of The Joker or maybe Riddler. What would you like to see? Leave a comment or e-mail me, Thanks!

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