November 25, 2007

Custom Toys: BATMAN & ROBIN Models Made Out Of Paper!

Remember awhile back I posted a photo of a Batman Action Figure that someone had made out of construction paper? Well, he sent us some more cool pics to share! Here he's done a few different Batman-related characters. In the 1st one is the Dynamic Duo, BATMAN and ROBIN!! The 2nd photo shows a paper-model figure of KILLER CROCK, aaarrrgggg! The last photo shows a group of figures & if you look closely there's the JOKER and HARLEY QUINN. I don't know why but I think these are really cool. The colors are bright, that might be it, but they really really do look like the characters they're suppose to be...that's cool! If any other readers are doing any kind of "Custom Toys" then please send pics. It can be Dolls, Batman Model Kits, Batmobiles, Whatever!


Tom Dougherty said...

are these available for download anywhere? I'd love to make a set for my Batman shelf.

tomztoyz said...

Umm, I don't think they're like those "Paper Kits" you see around. I met this guy on MySpace & he hand makes them himself. If ya have a MySpace account send me an e-mail with your "name" & I'll hook you up. I don't know if he sells them or what but he's really into it & is a pretty nice guy so he might tell you how to make them.

Did you see the previous post I did on the Batmobile Paper models? Now those are available for download. I'll have to hunt down the URL, be right back.

tomztoyz said...

Here's that link, because it's long Blogger cuts it off so I'm gonna put it into pieces, just put it back together.