November 28, 2007


Yeah! It's Wednesday again so here's 2 very cool Batman Desktop Wallpapers! The 1st one is an image from an Original Animation Cel. I have a few in my personal collection & really love them but I don't have one of Batman. I have a Superman from the Superfriends Cartoon. I bought it when I was a little kid & went to my very 1st comic book convention. Back then people didn't really get greedy like they are today & I bought it for $2.00. Ha Ha, Seriously, 2 bucks!! I'm really stupid though, I should have bought them all! The other cels I have are original Jay Ward cels of Cap'n Crunch. They're from the classic TV Commercials for that cereal. They're mostly of the Cap'n Crunch Crew, Dave & Brumhilde. The next Batman Wallpaper is part of a graphic by Jim Lee. His art is always great. I couldn't decide which way Batman should face, to look good on the desktop, so I put both variations here & I'll let you decide! As always you can also use these in a MySpace Layout...Go Crazy!

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