October 31, 2007

DARK KNIGHT NEWS : The Joker's Message at WHYSOSERIOUS.COM ( Joker Wallpaper )

This photo of The Joker is a Desktop Wallpaper!
OK, We have all been suckered by the "event" at the Joker's WHYSOSERIOUS website. For awhile now there has been a really cool animation at that page of a Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin with a burning candle getting shorter & one side of the pumpkin rotting ( is this a reference to TWO-FACE? ). Well, everybody has been speculating that on Halloween something was gonna happen, it did! Very early in the morning this picture showed up ( 1st photo ). There were cut-out letters like a ransom note & when you click on them they had clues. People were invited to figure them out all day. They were like scavenger hunt clues in major cities. I guess all the clues got done because later you saw the finished message ( 2nd photo ). OK, after the message was finished you could click on a secret place of the photo & an animation would appear. The "secret place" is around the bottom right-hand side, near the knife...if you go there try to click it, ha ha! Clicking it causes the note to burst into flames ( a cool animation ) & this photo of The Joker appears. After you see Joker's new photo you can click it & it would go to a new website called RORYSDEATHKISS ( last photo ). The "Rory's Death Kiss" page has another clue that will be solved soon. Don't worry, the Bat-Blog will keep you updated! Check it out for yourself at http://www.whysoserious.com. Oh yeah, one last thing, the NEW photo of the Joker...I made that a Batman Desktop Wallpaper!

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Rob said...

Its Rory's Death Kiss, Not Rory's First Kiss. Plus you can click on smile to get a registration page that you can send you're joker themed pics of yourself in.