October 27, 2007

CUSTOM TOYS : Cool 1966 Batman TV Show Figures!

Shown in the photo up above are some Custom-Made Toys from a friend to the Bat-Blog. Please be sure to click the picture for a larger, more detailed, photo. We asked him about these amazing pieces of ART & he wrote, "They are made out of Super-Flex Sculptey and painted with Acrylic Paint. They each took 3-4 days to make, and they're plastic army man scale, about 2 inches in height. They are not for sale at the moment. I make them for the sheer fun of it". WOW!! These are really beautiful, good job!! I love that you did some of the very obscure TV Villain characters. The figures include: Batman, Robin, The Joker, Riddler ( Wow, That face looks exactly like Frank Gorshin! ), Batgirl, Mr. Freeze, Madhatter, Catwoman, Egghead, The Penguin, King Tut, & Bookworm too! The faces on ALL of these figures are amazing. For example, look at King Tut's face. It looks EXACTLY like the actor!!


Tom Dougherty said...

Those are just amazing! Wow! I mean, WOW!

tomztoyz said...

Yes, I am always surprised by how talented a lot of Batman Fans are & really love these figures!! In fact, I consider these to be works of ART!!

ozz said...

Those do look cool, especially considering how small they are. Nice work.