October 31, 2007

CUSTOM BATMAN TOY : Mattel Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile Monster Jam Truck!!

Here's a set of photos taken by a friend of the Bat-Blog named Carlos. He got extremely creative one night & made this kick-ass custom toy Batmobile! He took a regular Mattel 1966 Batmobile Hot Wheels Diecast Car & made it into a Monster Jam truck!! We love the details like the mags having the Bat-Symbol logo & the way it all looks so production-made, nice job. This is actually a very cool idea & Mattel should really make one! Thank you Carlos for the use of the photo & sharing your great Bat-Toy. If any other readers have some customized toys ( cars, action figures, dolls, etc... ) then please send them in to us.


Saturday Morning Central said...

Are you getting pumped about The Dark Knight? I know I am!

tomztoyz said...

Oh Yeah! I can't wait!!!

The new photo of the Joker we recently published looks extremely cool.