September 27, 2007

THE BATMAN Cartoon : New Images From Upcoming TV Season

To be honest I really didn't care for THE BATMAN when it first came out. Seeing the "new" Joker made me kinda mad but last season was pretty good & it appears the show is finally getting a lot better. Here are some new images of what we're gonna see in the near future. Be sure to check your local TV listings for dates/times. Also, on our BAT-LINKS page we have a link button to the Official WB The BATMAN webpage. You can find the "Bat-Links" button on the left-side of this page, near the middle, it's grey with a blinking bat-symbol.


Jay Amabile said...

i have utter disdain for that crazy armor batsuit that he's silly.

tomztoyz said...

Hey Jay,

I don't know. I think it looks cool. It all depends on how it fits into the story but yes it is kinda weird looking.

Jay Amabile said...

You're totally on the mark that the show has gotten better. I've watched since It premiered and it's gotten better each season. This season will probably be the best! Superman looked awesome too.

ozz said...

I've only seen just a handful of episodes, and think most were from the first season.

There was an episode early in the first season featuring Bane, which basically became 'the Batman wears a giant robot suit to fight Bane'. I didn't like that. The comic book Bane was much better.

Besides, if this series is supposed to take place in the early days of the Batman's career, why bring Bane in anyway? That was a character that shouldn't be appearing until much later in the Batman's run.

Oh, yeah. The Joker in this series is the worst!