September 8, 2007

APPLE iPhone Users : BATMAN The DARK KNIGHT Movie Wallpapers

A loyal Bat-Blog reader suggested I make a few Batman & Robin graphics that Apple iPhone users could use as wallpaper. That sounds like a pretty good idea, & a fun experiment, so here's a few to use for FREE! They have been sized for 320 X 480 resolution. I tried to make a good variety with images & photos from The Dark Knight movie for starters. One is Christian Bale in his NEW Batman Costume & another showing him as Bruce Wayne in the Batcave. Another is Heath Ledger as The Joker. Now, I don't have one of these cool iPhones so if you do & you use one of these Batman wallpapers then please send us a digital photo of your iPhone with one of these on it...that would be really cool!!
Please put the JOKER Banner ( The Dark Knight Movie ) seen below on your MySpace Layout, Blog, or Website!! Just copy the code below & paste to your profile! Thank You!


Rick said...

I am sorry but what I have seen so far is Heath Ledger is the worst looking Joker in movies or TV I have ever seen. Still I will go see the film next year.

tomztoyz said...

Please give the new look a chance. He might turn out to be the BEST Joker...we'll see.

ozz said...

Interesting now to read comments like the two above!

I've never seen that poster featuring the Batman and the Joker before.