September 11, 2007

Ad: Batman Forever 1995 Sega Pinball Machine

Shown up above is an advertisement for Sega's 1995 BATMAN FOREVER Movie Pinball Machine. Now, I don't mean to be rude, but this is one of my least favorite Batman movies. No offense to the fans of this show but I hated it....really really hated it! But, I thought I would post this because it's still a really cool pinball game & there are people who love that movie. I think as more time passes this movie might become "better" because people will look at it & enjoy how bad it is. Like the way we now watch 1950's B-Movies & we know the monster is a guy in a cheesy costume but we still love it.


The Girl in Grey said...

Since the franchise died after the film, you're not the only one who hated it!

ozz said...

Looks like a cool machine.