June 17, 2007

Vintage 60's Batman Toys and Collectibles...Oh Yeah!

We get e-mails almost every time we post some Vintage Batman Memorabilia. People really enjoy seeing items they had as a kid & almost always tell us about that. I guess there's a lot of nostalgia there & that's great! So, check these out. The 1st photo is probably one of the rarest of all 1960's Bat-Items! It's the 1966 BATMAN CAVE TUNNEL. This looks like hours if fun, doesn't it? It's a cloth-covered wire spring about 10 Ft long & 2 Ft wide. It was made for kid's to crawl thru...very exciting, looks like a fire hazard to me! Actually I love the vintage graphics that are all over this thing & it's almost impossible to find. The next item is a precious find from the UK. A Set of Vintage 60's Batman & Robin Marionette Puppets. They're kind of weird looking but I think that's what gives them a lot of charm. They're almost like beautiful works of ART if you think about it! The next photo is really great! We saved the best for last. This is a Large HUGE Plastic Injection-Molded 1966 Batmobile with some really cool Batman & Robin figures inside. This piece is really HUGE & great for display! I can't tell you how RARE this thing is & when I received this photo attached to an e-mail the other day I almost cried. Thanx Neal for the great pics & the torture too, ha ha! If any other BAT-BLOG Readers have any cool photos to share then please send them today.

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