June 18, 2007

Photo of The BATPOD BAT-CYCLE From The New DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Sequel.

The Los Angeles L.A. Times unveils the first official photo of The Bat Cycle from THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie that's due out 2008. Yes, in the sequel to Batman Begins, Batman gets a new vehicle called the BAT-POD. This BatPod is a futuristic Bat-Cycle with grappling hooks, machines guns ( why does it have guns? ), & huge tires just like the Tumbler Batmobile. Also, as an extra bonus we're throwing in a new high-resolution photo of the BAT-SUIT costume to be worn by Christian Bale. This is the same photo that was featured in Entertainment Weekly but better! So...What's everybody think about the BATPOD BAT-CYCLE?!! We love it!!

1 comment:

David said...

I'm with you on the inclusoin of machine guns...not a good omen.

I think the cycle looks interesting, until he gets on it, at which point it looks silly. He needs something bigger and heavier, like the one in B:TAS. Sitting on this thing, he looks like "Eb" riding his motor scooter on "Green Acres."