June 29, 2007

Cool Vintage 1960's Japanese BATMAN TOYS From Japan!

The BAT-BLOG is ALL about the love of Vintage Batman Toys so when we noticed we had some cool Japanese toys to share, we were psyched! Here's a nice assortment of 1960's Batman Memorabilia from Japan. The 1st photo is a RARE Vintage 60's Tin Toy Car Batmobile. The graphics on this baby are sooo beautiful it almost makes you cry, ha ha. We love the "Radar" on the hood that shows Batman where the Joker & Penguin are hiding. This is one of those friction-driven vehicles....nice! The 2nd picture is of a set of 2 plastic Batman & Robin Lunch Boxes with the original cardboard box it came in. You know just by looking at them that they are Super-RARE! Again, the graphics are extremely cool. We love seeing the Batman Logo in Japanese lettering! The last photo is a cool piece of Bat-Nostalgia even if it is bootleg! This is a Store Display filled with packages of Japan 1966 Batman Sunglasses/Goggles. I would love to have just one package of those but a whole display full...OMG!

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