June 30, 2007

BATMAN BEVERAGES: 1966 Drink Mix Packets & 1989 Batman-Cola Soda Pop

Here are two very weird & extremely cool pieces of Bat-Nostalgia! The 1st photo is of some BATMAN PUNCH-O DRINK MIX Packages that were made by the IDEAL FOODS DIVISION in 1966. I can't begin to explain how super RARE these are but in 20+ years of serious collecting I have NEVER seen these!! They are sort of like Kool-Aid drink mix I guess. Here are Grape, Fruit Punch, & Lemonade. The next item is pretty RARE also! Here are some BATMAN-COLA products that were made for the Australian market. During the 1st Batman movie in 1989, in Australia, you could buy Batman-Cola in a can or soda pop bottle! Also shown is the original store display sign used to promote these babies in stores....sweet!

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ozz said...

I wonder if any of that stuff actually tasted any good.