May 31, 2007

Vintage Batman & Robin Toys From The 1960's

Whew! Yesterday I just got back from vacation & it was a nice trip. It's really nice to get outta town for a few days & recharge the old batteries. Now I'm ready to get back to posting! I thought I would share some pics of a few cool Vintage Batman Toys because that is what BAT-BLOG readers like best. I usually have a "theme" to these posts but this time they're just a mix of toys from mostly the1960's. Some are even foreign ones. The 1st photo is a picture of an original 1966 Batman Gumball Machine Vending Display Card showing some Flicker Key Chains. In my personal collection I have ALL the key chains but not this display card...aaahhhh! Thanks for sending the photo, Dave! The next shot is a nice picture of the 1966 Batman Marble Maze Game by Hasbro. This is a large clear disc where you try to move marbles around a game board without the marble falling in a hole, sort of a huge dexterity puzzle game. I love the vintage-style graphics. The 3rd picture is a really RARE 1967 Coloring Book from the UK. Actually it's a Sticker-Fun Book but made by the famous coloring book people & in the same format.

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ozz said...

Oh no! The Batlogo has been shot by a lazer gun!

Odd artwork here. Robin is having a tough time with the bad guy, and the Batman isn't doing anything about it. He looks like he's on the defensive too. Neither looks very heroic here.