May 17, 2007

VINTAGE BAT-COPTER TOYS Holy Helicopter, Batman!

Shown up above are just 4 examples of the many different types of Bat-Copter ( Batman Helicopter ) Toys that were made through out the years. The 1st is the most RARE & probably the most beautiful. This Bat-Copter was made by Irwin Plastic Toy Co in 1966. It's black injection-molded ( hollow ) plastic with stickers that have great graphics. This baby is super hard-to-find in MINT shape because as you can well of guessed it got pretty trashed during play time! The next item is kind of small & cute but it's the Die-Cast Bat-Copter made by Corgi. This one was part of a play set with other bat-vehicles. It was made in 1979. The 3rd piece of Bat-Nostalgia is the SUPER POWERS Bat-Copter made by Kenner & was scaled for the action figures. Looking at the box with both English & French languages it was released in Canada. The last bit of Bat-Memorabilia is the other Bat-Copter made for the COMIC ACTION HEROES Action Figures made by Mego. These figures were smaller & the cool thing about this helicopter is that it had a device to make it actually fly. Just rip the cord & off it goes! We hope you have enjoyed seeing a few pieces of Bat-History. If you possess a Bat-Copter that's different then send us a photo!

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