May 24, 2007

RARE & Unusual Batman Memorabilia From 1966

The BAT-BLOG is famous for featuring Vintage Batman Toys & the ones from the 1960's are our favorites. Now, we also cover the stuff from the 70's, the 80's Batman Movies, & the Animated Series. We even profile alot of very current items too but the 60's stuff is what we love best! Here's some nice bat-items from 1966: the 1st one is pretty hard-to-find & quite RARE, it's a BATMAN PILLOW! They made a few variations. The 2nd piece of Bat-Memorabilia is a COLOR & RUB-OUT BATMAN KIT made by Whitman, the company famous for their great coloring books. This kit came with 8 different pictures that were plastic-covered & after you colored them you could just wipe the Crayon marks off & do it again! I have this in my personal collection but it's missing 1 or 2 pages. The guy I bought it from said it was complete & charged me an arm & a leg for it...arrrggghh! That's the only time THAT ever happened, I learned my lesson. The 3rd bit of Bat-Nostalgia is also made by Whitman ( sort of a theme happening here I guess ). It's a BATMAN ACTIVITY BOX. Basically it came with some punch-out free-standing characters & a large mat you could color. I guess it's sort of like paper dolls but without the clothes....really super-rare!

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ozz said...

A couple big smiles from the Batman. He looks pretty pleased to be able to help those crazy '66 kids having crazy '66 fun.