May 22, 2007

Original Comic Book Art By JIM LEE / All Star Batman and Robin # 5

Here's the original artwork for the cover to ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN #5. They did a double cover for this comic book & one is drawn by Frank Miller while the other one, this one, was done by Jim Lee ( I like the Jim Lee one better, just my opinion ). This comic has great art work & a pretty good story but a lot of fans are kinda mad because of the way DC Comics have been handling this title. Issues 1 thru 4 had some small problems with staying on schedule but it was a whole year before #5 came out. But, from what I have read at some of the Message Boards, this issue is really great. This comic book is in stores right now so you should check it out before it sells out. I haven't read it yet but the art is top notch.

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ozz said...

Whomever is about to be on the receiving end of that punch is going to be in a world of hurt!