May 10, 2007

DC Comics Superheroes Vintage 1970's Toys Comic Book Ad

Remember this famous Comic Book Ad? ( Click the small picture up above for a larger, more detailed, photo ). In the 1970's there was a really cool catalog you could get thru the mail that sold a lot of really obscure toys & superhero items you couldn't find anywhere else. I used to get these in the mail & dream about buying stuff. Yes, I was a Bat-Nerd even then, ha ha. This vintage ad shows some really cool Batman Memorabilia. The 1st is a RARE Bat-Plane Toy that came with a launcher. Next up is the classic Bat-Belt with accessories: Bat-Ray, Bat-Cuffs, Bat-Grappler, Bat-Walkie-Talkie, & Vintage 70's Batman Logo Bat-Buckle!! There are also some cool Beach Towels that are pretty RARE to find now. I really want the one with Batman & Robin running thru Gotham City with the Bat-Signal in the sky. The last cool things are the different Mego Action Figure Dolls & Mego Green Arrow Car! That car is now an icon in the Mego collecting world for it's rarity. If you have one you should donate it to a museum! The dolls included Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Shazam, & Robin. They were only $3.79 with 59¢ postage!


Anonymous said...

OH WOW! I completely remember this ad as I live in Australia and when I was a kid, I begged my grandmother to buy me a Robin and Batgirl. We sent away for it and it never came. Probably explains my obsession for getting all things Batgirl-collectible these days

tomztoyz said...

That's kind of a funny story, sorry, ha ha! I am sorry you got ripped off but I'm glad to hear you're a BIG Batgirl Fan....that's cool! Here at the BAT-BLOG we LOVE that character! Many of her toys are actually hard-to-find & some of the best ones are made in Argentina. There they call her BATI-CHICA!

Thanx for your kind comments & if you ever want to communicate with other Bat-Fans please check out our BAT-BLOG MESSAGE BOARD, it's FREE TO JOIN!!

Good Day, Mate!