May 18, 2007

Cool Batman Vintage Sixties Toys: Japan Robot & MARX Bat-Phone!

Here's 2 photos recently sent in by a loyal BAT-BLOG reader who really loves the 1960's toys. He wrote, " Hey BAT-BLOG, I love this website man & visit daily! My favorite photos are the ones of the cool Batman toys made in the sixties so I thought I would contribute some, hope you post them! One is a RARE 1960's Tin Toy Robot from Japan & the other is the, now classic, 1966 Batman Hot-Line Bat-Phone made by MARX." Wow! Thanks, Gary!! Both of these pieces of Bat-Memorabilia are extremely RARE & we're actually honored to show them off for you, ha ha! Seriously, these are extremely cool & we appreciate the pix! Thanks again & please feel free to send in any other photos. If any other readers have pictures of some of their favorite Bat-Nostalgia then we want to invite you to send them in to us too!! It can be one item, a humor photo, a Batman Birthday Cake / Party, or a pic of your whole collection!!

1 comment:

ozz said...

The robot's eyes resemble Adam West's, albeit a drowsy Adam West.