April 26, 2007

CAPE 3, COMIC and POP CULTURE EXPO: May 5th, Saturday - Dallas, Texas BRIDE OF CAPE Comic Book Convention

The WORLD’S BIGGEST Free Comic Book Day / Comic Book Convention Event just got bigger. CAPE 3, Comic and Pop-Culture Expo, is back. Coming to you on Saturday May 5th, it’s the biggest Free Comic Book Day event of the year & a great comicon to visit! The all day, indoor/outdoor, event promises to be unlike anything the Dallas area has seen before. “We’ll have plenty of free comics, movie posters, t-shirts, and prizes and folks will have the opportunity to hang with some of the finest people in the comic book industry,” Says Richard Neal, Zeus Comics and Toys owner. “Free comics and fun. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.” For more information on CAPE Comic Book Conventions or if you are a comic professional who wants to attend please visit http://www.capeday.com.


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