March 16, 2007

Vintage 1966 Batman Toys - Plush Doll, Hankercheif, & Purse!

Shown up above are three really great & super-rare Vintage Batman Toys I recently received pix of. The 1st one is a Batman Plush Doll made by The Commonwealth Co in 1966. He measures about 18" tall & is pretty huge, like a big teddy bear! The 2nd photo is a child's hankerchief sent in by a loyal BAT-BLOG reader named John ( Thanx John! ). Even though the item is slightly faded it's still very hard to find & I love the vintage graphics anyway! OK, Now, I think the last item is the best & the most RARE! It's a Black Leather Purse in the shape of the Bat-Symbol & still has it's original sticker which is always gone! My lady collects Vintage Purses & would flip over this, it's really really cool! Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more Vintage Batman Toys & Collectibles! The Archives are located on the right-side of this blog!

1 comment:

ozz said...

I'd be pretty proud to be seen with a lady who was sporting the BatPurse!