March 18, 2007

SUPER FRIENDS Animated Cartoon Model Sheet for Batman

In 1973 a famous comic book artist named Alex Toth was hired to create "the look" of the characters for the SUPER FRIENDS Animated Cartoon TV Series. Here's the MODEL SHEET for Batman....a great piece of ART!
Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for more original comic art related to Batman!


Robin Gurl said...

Do you have a robin one?!?! That'd be AWESOME!

Robin Gurl

ozz said...

I was parked in front of the TV every morning back then, but looking back, this is one of my least favorite incarnations of the Batman. Olan Soule was definitely miscast as the voice. Sometimes when I see the old comics from the '50s, Soule's voice is the one I hear as I read the Batman's dialouge.

ozz said...

Soule's Batman was just a little too wimpy for my tastes, I guess. His doesn't strike me as a Batman that would strike fear into the hearts of criminals! OK, I'm done ranting now!