March 28, 2007

FRED HEMBECK'S Wacky Comic Book Cover Re-Creations!

Shown up above is a classic comic book cover re-creation by Fred Hembeck. For this one he did the 1st appearance of Batman in Detective Comics # 27, an icon. We're proud to say that Fred is a good friend of the BAT-BLOG & we actually hope he sees this post! I think he would be tickled pink about it, ha ha. If you're a Hembeck Fan then be sure to check out our BAT-LINKS PAGE for a link to his famous FRED SEZ Blog & also remember to search eBay where Fred sometimes sells the Original Art of his classic comic cook recreations!

1 comment:

ozz said...

Always nice to see one of these. I like how he captures the original spirit and puts his own twist on things.