March 26, 2007


According to a report from the NEWSARAMA FORUM Marshall Rogers, famed Batman Artist, died Saturday ( March 24th, 2007 ) at the age of 57. No one knows yet exactly how he died & it is kinda shocking because of his young age. His 1st Batman art appearance was in the AUG 1977 Issue of Detective Comics #471 ( Shown in the photo, on the left side, with the Hugo Strange cover.) He had a very precise art style that was sharp & clear. He pencilled Batman & usually teamed up with inker Terry Austin. I used to really love his work as a kid & still do. The BAT-BLOG would like to extent our deepest condolences to his family & friends, he will be greatly missed. Here's a link to the MARSHALL ROGERS FAN PAGE, be sure to check out the ORIGINALS section for some great examples of his work.

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ozz said...

He was an excellent artist. That's for sure.