March 30, 2007

Assortment of RARE Vintage 1960's Batman Memorabilia

The BAT-BLOG covers everything Batman but our main focus is the area of collecting. We sometimes cover news about the comic books, both old & new, but our favorite things are the awesome Vintage Batman Toys & Memorabilia. Here are a few examples of some RARE 60's items, mainly from 1966. The 1st item is a photo of the RARE & highly collectible 1966 AURORA Slot Car of the Batmobile from the TV Series, shown in it's original box. This is a Bat-Fan favorite & also desired by many slot car collectors for it's beauty & history. The next item is a fun coloring book featuring Robin as the main character on the cover. This was published by Whitman in 1966. The last, & most RARE item, is a felt pennant of Batman & Robin that was a souvenir of Saskatoon, Canada! We hope you have enjoyed seeing these rare beauties & hope you return often for more! Also, Be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more Rare Vintage Toys & Memorabilia....See you tommorrow!

1 comment:

ozz said...

Robin looks like he almost took a nasty knee to the groin there!

Saskatoon? How many miles from Gotham City is that?