February 26, 2007

Vintage 1966 Batmobile Coin-OP Ride!! Operated Vending Machine

Here's a beautiful photo sent in to us by Gary, a loyal BAT-BLOG Reader, who owns this Vintage 1966 BATMOBILE CAR Coin-Operated Vending Machine Ride!! He told us, "My grandfather owned a vending company from the 1960's to the late 1990's. One day I was at his work shop & he told me he had a surprise for me. He told me to bring my truck around back & when I got there he pulled a sheet off this baby & told me it was mine!! He knew I used to love this thing as a kid but the fact that it was a gift from him is what makes it so very special. He died a few months later & everytime I look at it I think of him. He was very special, kind, & a warm loving person. It's kinda sad but I have to keep this thing in my garage for now ( it's HUGE ). There's not enough room to display it in our current house but when we move it will have a very special place & will be displayed with both pride & love". Wow Gary! That's a wonderful story & a nice photo, thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your granddad but he sounds like he was a really great guy. I wish I could have had the honor of meeting him. You're really lucky to have such a great Batman piece like that, I'm jealous!! If anyone else has a great story or nice picture like this please share it with us. The BAT-BLOG isn't all about Vintage Batman Toys but it's also about a large "family" of Batman Fans. Thanx!

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Tom Dougherty said...

I don't know if I posted this here before, but on two separate occasions, on opposite sides of the country, I've seen this ride abandoned in a field of high grass. Once, at the site of an outdoor flea market near Pittsburgh, and once at a closed Drive-In near Seattle. The first one was gone within a few weeks of my spotting it, but the second one was there for months until it was removed with the rest of the drive in rubble. They were both in serious disrepair, but were still pretty nice to look at. Would have been handsome in the right house, even as weathered as they were.