February 15, 2007

Vintage 1960's Batman Toys & Collectibles, it's 1966 Again!

The main purpose of the BAT-BLOG is sharing the love of collecting cool New & Vintage Batman Toys...period. I know we also share alot of desktop wallpapers, videos, humor pictures, comic book art, etc...but the main thing here is the great vintage toys that were made in the past! The photos up above are some really great examples of those awesome 1960's Batman Toys from the 1966 TV Series. That show spawned alot of great products & memorabilia from that era is some of my personal favorites! The 1st pic is a Rare BATMAN FAN CLUB Promo Pinback Button advertising "Ron Riley's Batman Club WLS/WBKB-TV". WLS was a very popular radio station in Chicago. Ron Riley was a radio DJ at the time Batman came out & they promoted the show with a Batman Fan Club. The 2nd picture features the 1966 BAT-BOMB Toy made by Mattel™. It probably came about because of the 1966 Batman Movie. Remember the scene where Adam West ran around trying to get rid of a bomb spouting the now-classic line, "Somedays you just can't get rid of a bomb". I'm sure the toy was meant to be a "weapon for Batman" to use but I bet that's where they got the idea, ha ha! This toy is extremely RARE in the original packaging but is also even hard-to-find "loose"...a great photo sent in by a loyal BAT-BLOG Reader, thanks Robert. The 3rd photo is a RARE Set of Girl's House Shoe Slippers with beautiful retro graphics of Batgirl. I bet the kids who wore these didn't just wear them at bedtime. They probably would have "lived in them", ha ha!
Remember, You can always click the small photos for slightly larger ones. Also, be sure to visit the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more wonderful Vintage Toys made by Mego, Corgi, Ideal, Kenner, Marx, etc..

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