January 25, 2007


Norm Breyfogle Fans will be in for a big treat with this post! This is the original 3M cover color separations set for Detective Comics # 615, which was published in June of 1990 by DC Comics. This is a cover proof, that is composed of 4 different acetate color sheets that when put together, form the final cover image that will be published. The top sheet is the black layer (K), that when viewed separately looks like a copy of the main line art. Below that is the Blue layer, also known as Cyan (C). Underneath that is the Red layer, also known as Magenta (M). The final layer is the Yellow (Y) sheet. Each sheet is of a plastic-type quality, and is similar in design to an animation cell acetate. The cel layers are stacked one on top of another, and affixed together onto a large thick white board. The full board measures roughly 9 3/4" x 12 1/2", and the sheets are slightly larger than the actual size comic. Please note that this cover is NOT a mass-produced print or lithograph. It is a cover proof that is created during the production process for the comic, and used internally by the comic company. This is a very cool and rare piece of comic production art that you will hardly ever get a chance to see. The cover features a great image by Norm Breyfogle, of the Dark Knight looking down at the damage below, with an awesome ghostly image of a smiling triumphant Penguin in the purple sky background. This issue was Part 2 of The Penguin Affair storyline. You can click the small picture up above for a larger, more detailed photo. Also, be sure to check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES to view more Original BATMAN ART & Bat-Artists!