December 2, 2006

BATMAN Custom Batmobile Model Kits By PANZER!

A new friend to the BAT-BLOG is a cool guy nick-named PANZER. This guy is extremely serious about doing Original Customized Batman Model Kits! What he does is dream-up some really cool Batman-related vehicle he would like to see, but does not exist & makes his own. I'm only showing a few examples here but this guy is super-productive! At his webpage you'll find more than cool custom models of the Batmobile. He's also made a huge Batcave Diorama to display his Batmobile, Batplane, Batcopter, & Batboat collection. He's also making street scene dioramas with building facades to display action figures. There's a ton of cool stuff there. He's a recent BAT-BLOG LINK you can find in our Links Area, just click the button on the top right-hand side of the page. Once you get to our Official BAT-BLOG LINKS page his button is in the center row....enjoy! Oh yeah, be sure to BOOKMARK THE BAT-BLOG before ya leave!

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