September 16, 2006

NEW Bat-Products, In Stores Now!

Yesterday I went to a few stores for household supplies & found some NEW Batman Items I couldn't resist! First, is the EXP JOKER Large Action Figure by Mattel. This was on clearance at Target for $3.38! I got the very last one so you might hit your local store quickly. Next is the Reach 2-pack Toothbrush Set & Reach Toothpaste ( Bubblegum Flavor, gross! ). I got these at the Walmart Neighborhood grocery. The toothpaste has been out for awhile but the brushes 2-pack is brand-spankin' new! I really like the JIM LEE comic book artwork in the 2-pack's packaging design! The third item is kinda strange & unusual but I like that! It's a small box of Batman Band-Aids with RED packaging. These are different then most ya see in regular stores, I got these at DOLLAR TREE for $1.00 each! If you would like more news on NEW Batman Items then be sure to check my archives for more info. If you know of brand-new items that have just hit the stores please let me know. Also, remember to bookmark my page for more future news. Happy Collecting!

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