September 13, 2006

Batman Junk Yard ART! ( New Photos )

In a previous post, that is now archived ( Humor ), I showed a photo of this very funny junk-metal BATMAN yard art. I love this! It's the DARK KNIGHT himself! Now all this guy needs to do is make a Robin or even better, a JOKER! Yes, a Joker would be great! But not the movie version, more like the comic book. I really want to have this Batman figure for my back yard & I don't even have a garden, ha ha. In that earlier post I asked if anyone had some other pictures of this wonderful masterpiece & if they did to please send them. Wow, the next day begins & a sweet lady sent these 2 NEW photos of the BATMAN sculpture!! I love this thing, Thanx Mary! ( Click the Small Picture To See Large Photo ).

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