October 30, 2013

New DC Comics STRONG SUITS Comic Book Hero Playing Cards

Here's a new product that is way too cool NOT to share! We have a friend named Craig Bostick who is a Graphic Artist living in Boston, Massachusetts. He's a major fan of DC Comics and he recently created this set of Superhero Playing Cards. They're called "Strong Suits". He sells them at ETSY.

As you can see he takes many of the characters from the Golden Age to the Silver Age and transforms them into his cute cartoon style, they're great! The first wave of photos up above show the entire set, and then down below, I'm showing off just a few of them that I really like. Seeing the individual cards gives you a better idea on how great the artwork is. 

Hey, to see more of Craig's art just CLICK HERE!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like it, but why isn't The Joker the joker instead of Bat-Mite? That's a missed opportunity....