September 4, 2013

UPDATE: Bat-Blog BATMAN TOY DRIVE For Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Event

I know a lot of people are going to want to hear about this because it's all very good news! Long-Time Readers of the BAT-BLOG know that for the last few weeks we have been running a BATMAN TOY DRIVE for a 1st Grade School Teacher in Moore, Oklahoma, who lost almost her entire Batman Toy & Memorabilia Collection when her school, The Plaza Towers Elementary, got hit. Her name is Becky Joe Evans.

We started a TOY DRIVE to collect donations for her so she can restore her collection. The wonderful thing, and I sincerely mean this, the wonder thing is that many readers of this site have become heavily involved. When I talked to her recently she said donations have been flooding in. I can't be any more excited about this and I really appreciate it so much. Seriously, this has practically restored my faith in humanity, ha!

Anyways, we have two brand-new major pieces of news to share. 

One, Matthew Price, over at our local "Daily Oklahoman" Newspaper, published an online story yesterday at their "NERDAGE" page that shared the story. That helped a lot (Thanks Matt) and you can read it by clicking HERE!

Then, this morning I was contacted by a local TV News Station, News 9 (Channel 9, a CBS Affliate) and eariler this night I went to their building to be filmed for about 30 minutes. Now, the funny thing is that they will probably edit me down to 30 seconds if I even show-up at all, ha! But, if all goes well, our story might be on the local TV news tonight! If you live near Oklahoma City, OK. then please be sure to watch at 10:00 tonight ( Wednesday, Sept. 4th ). 

If it does air they will probably (hopefully) share it online and I'll be able to share it here later. So please stay tuned.

Anyways, this is all about our BATMAN TOY DRIVE and if you want to get involved then you can do a few of these things:

What we here at the BAT-BLOG want to do is start a BATMAN TOY DRIVE to help her renew some of her collection. We want YOU, our readers, to please get involved and HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN!

We're asking you to please do one or two of these things:

1. If you can, please donate some Batman Toys or other Memorabilia. Well, just about anything "Batman". If you e-mail me I will give you an address where you can mail them directly to her and her class. Please don'y mail anything directly to the School because they have a lot more important things to do now that classes have JUST started. Here's my e-mail button:

2. If you don't have anything to send and would just like to donate some cash then here's a Pay-Pal Button where you can send what ever amount you want. If you don't have a Pay-Pal account you can still Just use any major Credit Card or Debit Card.  Or if you don't want to go that route then please e-mail me and I'll give you an address where you can safely send a Check or Money Order.

3. This goes out to people who are either sending something or NOT:

    Please share this story on your favorite social network sites. Yes, we're talking Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc... In other words, if you can't donate anything (or ARE donating, either way), then please help us get the story out to other people who might want to help.

Oh yeah, and in advance, Thank You!!

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