May 8, 2013

Sergio's Totally Insane 1966 BATMOBILE BATMAN CAR Toy Collection!

Here's a really fun set of photos showing our friend Sergio with his amazing collection of 1966 Batmobile Cars!! Actually, it starts with his real-life 1966 Batmobile Replica Car ( TV Show George Barris-Style ) and goes all the way down to the smallest toy car he's got. I recognize a bunch of these classic toys, stuff like: Marx, Transogram, Different Scale-Size Hot Wheels by Mattel, Some Corgi Toys, Some Various Model Kits maybe, and much much more!! In fact, I'm only making a guess here, but I think the smallest one is maybe a Slot Car?!

WOW! These pics are so AWESOME!!! 

(Thanks for sharing your collection with us Sergio. Well Played, Sir! )

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