April 17, 2013

CARMINE INFANTINO TRIBUTE - Batman and Robin Parody Art Seen on INFESTATION TEAM-UP Comic Book Cover

I just wanted to share this hilarious "Batman and Robin" Parody Art I came across lately. I'm not sure when this book came out but it has been out awhile. This was on the cover of an IDW Comic Book titled, "Infestation Team-Up" and they took that book's main characters, Bat Boy and Archibald by Bill Morrison. He posed them just like the ultra-classic artwork of Carmine Infantino, as seen down below. 

The cool thing, besides the humor being so funny, is that this tribute was done while Mr. Infantino was still alive and he really deserved it, even more than ever. Yes, we miss him deeply, R.I.P. Good Sir.

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