July 21, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - New Batman Movie Advertising Around The Globe!!

OK, as a Major Batman Fan I totally love to see how popular the "Caped Crusader" is all over the world. I think it's really cool & I love the fact that many people all over the globe get to enjoy the character too! Here are some wonderful examples sent in to us from fans.

The 1st pic is all the way from Denmark and shows an incredible piece of advertising for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES movie. Look how HUGE that banner is, very cool! Plus, they made it look like there is a "giant hole" in the building, ha! ( Thanks Erik )

Next-up is a "Facebook Cover Photo" advertising THE DARK KNIGHT RISES but both the language & font is Greek. Our friend Marcio, who lives in Athens, Greece, gave this to us. It's so cool! ( Thanks Marcio ).

Then, last but not least, is a really great example of a "Foreign Batman Movie Poster". It is all in Bulgarian & was mentioned to us by our good friend Zdravko who lives in Bulgaria. He's ultra-excited about seeing this new film. ( Thanks Z! )

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