July 21, 2012

1989 BATMOBILE CAR Sand Art Seen at Belmar Beach, NJ!

Here's a recent "Batman News Story" that is very very FUN! Some of our Good Bat-Friends, a Group of really Cool Kids known as "The Junior Bat-Squad", recently entered a SAND ART Contest at Belmar Beach in New Jersey. For their entry they created this wonderful Replica of a Batmobile Car that is exactly like the one used in the Classic 1989 BATMAN Movie ( Tim Burton )! Check out the pics, this thing is AWESOME!!!!!

Now, they won 2nd place, which is really GREAT, but I gotta say that I think the contest was probably rigged because the thing that won 1st place was really ugly, ha ha! Yeah, I bet the Joker probably had something to do with that!

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