August 12, 2011

Random BATMAN ARKHAM CITY Video Game News

Just a quick post to share a few bits of BATMAN ARKHAM CITY Video Game news. First, in the UK, you'll be able to find this new XBOX 360 Magazine with The Joker on the cover. Then, here's another beautiful photo of the BATMAN ARKHAM CITY Billboard that was seen at this year's 2011 San Diego Comic Con. Also, we have news on some brand-new "Foreign Exclusives". We have already been hearing about all the Foreign "Collectors Editions" with different Batman SKINS. Now there's news of EXCLUSIVE STEELBOOK Editions in other countries. The 1st two to surface ( and there will be many more probably, ha! ) is the UK Store SHOPTO & the Australian Video Game Store EB GAMES. For the UK edition they will have Two-Face on the back cover. Then, the Aussies will have the Joker ( I like the Joker one better ). It looks like you also get a cool 1970's Batman Skin plus a few other bonuses in each one. But, for the price, so far I'm thinking the "Collector Edition" would be better because you get the Batman Statue. These just have a "steelbook" case. I don't know, it's really too early to tell. I think we all need to see the final releases on all this stuff. Please stay tuned to the Bat-Blog.Com for more future news. Also, just a friendly warning. If you do buy any of the "Foreign" stuff, Please be sure to ask the retailer if these discs will work on "American" Game Consoles.

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