July 18, 2011

BATMAN As Drawn by Charles M. Schulz, PEANUTS Cartoonist

Here's a very special photo that I actually stole from a friend's website, ha! I mean, it was just way too cool NOT to steal, ha! Our friend, Marc Nobleman, is writing an extensive Biography on BILL FINGER, the Golden Age Comic Book Writer who helped co-create BATMAN. Finger has never got any credit & is sort of an unsung hero among serious Batman Fans & People who love comics. The book won't be out until next year and we're dying to read it!

OK, about the photo. Marc has been traveling all over the United States interviewing every single person he can find who knew or worked with Bill Finger. One guy is Carmine Infantino. Yes, the Legendary DC Comics Editor, Writer, & Artist! Marc went to his house! While there, he took a visit to the restroom & what did he see? In Infantino's Bathroom there is a framed signed drawing of Batman sleeping on Snoopy's Dog House... drawn by Charles M. Schulz himself!! Oh man, what a piece of Bat-History! This has gotta be the ONLY example of the Dark Knight drawn by this Iconic Cartoonist!!

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