July 30, 2011

BATMAN ARKHAM CITY - 1970's Inspired BATMAN SKIN - UK Video Game Exclusive

In BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM we could all pretty much be Batman but all with the same costume. For BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY there has already been an announcement that, in the Special "Limited Collector's Edition" of BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY, it will include a Frank Miller-style "The Dark Knight Returns" Batman skin that will change the appearance of the character to look like the TDKR version. OK, it's been announced in the UK that if you buy the "Limited Collector's Edition" of BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY from a company called SHOP TO, you can get a free EXCLUSIVE download that will enable you to have a 1970's Inspired Costume Skin ( see the pic up above ). Now, I'm not sure if this will be made available in the USA or if it will even work with American Consoles. But if you're curious & wanna check it out then here's a LINK!

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