June 2, 2011

New Batman Toys - DC Universe Classics - The Joker & Harley Quinn MAD LOVE Action Figure 2-Pack

Be sure to keep an eye out later this year for Mattel's new DC Universe Classic Action Figure "MAD LOVE" 2-Pack Set featuring the Joker & Harley Quinn. But remember that you won't find these everywhere because they are a Toys-R-Us Exclusive. Something sort of interesting: The position of the characters inside the packaging is based on Alex Ross' iconic Painting "Tango With Evil" ( see pic below ). The figures look great but I love some of the accessories - Harley's Giant-Gun and Hammer, Joker Playing Cards, Joker's Cane & Mallet, plus... a Joker Fish!

1 comment:

D.M.Cunningham said...

This looks freaking fantastic. I gotta get my mitts on this one.