March 20, 2011

DVD Review - Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Season One, Part Two

Just a few days ago Warner Bros released their latest animated TV cartoon DVD, "Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Season One, Part Two". The special thing about this DVD is that it's a 2-Disc Set. The packaging is pretty cool & it contains 13 complete episodes. Now, there are not a lot of extras here but DISC ONE has a nice Movie Trailer for the next DC Universe Animated Film, "All-Star Superman". DISC TWO has a preview for the "Hot Wheels Battle Force 5" Animated TV Series. One last note would be that the shows are avaliable in three languages: English, Spanish, & Portuguese.

Now I gotta say that this is one GREAT series & a very nice DVD Set. I wish it was the Complete Season but it does have quite a bit of entertainment value. Plus, it's nice to watch the show without all the TV commercials, ha! Another thing I like is that it includes some of my most favorite episodes of Season One: "Trails of the Demon", because of the "Sherlock Holmes" angle. "The Color of Revenge", because of all the references to the Golden Age Comic Books & also the 1966 TV Show. "The Last Bat on Earth", because it showcased some Classic Jack Kirby-Inspired Characters & it brought back a lot of childhood memories for me. Actually the list could go on because every episode is fun! This set also includes the famous "Music Meister" episode, which was completely done as a Musical, a very strange ( but fun ) concept. I think that if you're a Fan of this TV Cartoon then you're gonna be pretty happy with this product. Now, just for fun, I have embedded some preview videos down below that are clips from a few episodes shown on this DVD, enjoy!

Episode Guide:
  1. Mystery in Space ( The Question, Aquaman & Adam Strange )
  2. Trials of the Demon ( Golden Age Flash, Sherlock Holmes & The Demon )
  3. Night of The Huntress ( Black Canary, The Huntress & Blue Beetle )
  4. Menace of The Conqueror Caveman ( Wildcat, Booster Gold )
  5. The Color of Revenge ( Robin The Boy Wonder, Modern-Day Robin )
  6. Legends of The Dark Mite ( Bat-Hound & Bat-Mite )
  7. Hail The Tornedo Tyrant ( Green Arrow, Red Tornado )
  8. Duel of the Double Crossers The Outsiders, Jonah Hex )
  9. The Last Bat on Earth ( Mr. Miracle & Kamandi )
  10. When OMAC Attacks ( Hawk and Dove, OMAC )
  11. The Fate of Equinox ( Dr. Fate )
  12. Mayhem of the Music Meister ( Aquaman, Green Arrow, & Black Canary )
  13. Inside The Outsiders! ( Green Arrow, The Outsiders )

The Crazy List of Super-Villians include:
The Joker, Riddler, Bane, Catwoman, Mr. Zero, Gentleman Ghost, Scarecrow, Gorilla Grodd,
Tweedledee & Tweedledum , Baby Face & Mrs. Man Face, Solomon Grundy, Two-Face, Cobra, Penguin, Polka Dot Man, Killer Moth, Kiteman, Crazy Quilt, Catman, Calendar Man, Black Manta, Clock King, Psycho Pirate, & many more!

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