October 28, 2010

Original Movie Prop Design - Catwoman's Claws From BATMAN RETURNS Movie.

Check out this amazing photo! These are the original glove pieces for Michelle Pfeiffer's CATWOMAN costume from the 1992 BATMAN RETURNS movie, her "Claws". They were created by a Movie Prop Designer named Scott Schneider and I think it's really interesting to see these sort of things. Most of the time they are very well designed. Also, Scott has a website where you can see some of his other creations. Plus, there are also many more photos ( with great details ) of these Catwoman Gloves. You can get there by clicking HERE!

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i thought they did a great job on Pfeiffer's Catwoman costume- i love how they used thimble & bits of sewing implements for the claws- a real touch of genius!