September 19, 2010

New BATMAN Mineral Water Bottle from Japan!

OK, I don't know what the deal is this moment about the Japanese but they are going totally crazy for Batman right now!! Here at the Bat-Blog we have reported a few new pieces of bat-merchandise lately that are exclusive to Japan. I love this area of collectibles because this stuff is not only hard to get but it's also very cool. Now, this is kind of weird, but here's a Batman-shaped Bottle of Mineral Water. I think it's really neat but I wish they would have made a "Batman head for the bottle"...that would have been better & would have completed his costume, ha! But I bet it would have made the thing way more expensive to produce so I guess I sort of understand that. Anyways, it's still pretty neat! They also have one that looks like Superman ( not pictured here ). Oh yeah, just to be clear: The 1st pic is from that companies official website & the 2nd one is a picture of the real actual item.


Nick @ Turtle Costumes said...

The Japanese are nothing if not creative. This reminded me of the Batman bubble bath bottles that were around when I was a kid (way back in the 70s).

David said...

I don't know, Tommy, I think it's disturbing enough without the head. Add it and it's like a Bane role-play toy:

"Arrr! I twist your head off and drink from your neck!!!"

JC said...

What's the name of the brand?

Nice share.

ozz said...

I agree with David. There's something unsettling about seeing a disjointed Batman torso.