May 7, 2010

ARGENTINA - New Batman the Brave and The Bold Cartoon McDonald's Happy Meal Toys!!

If you live in Argentina then you need to eat at McDonalds every day for a little while so you can collect all the brand-new BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Cartoon McDonald's Happy Meal Toys!! Oh man, I'm so jealous! These toys look extremely cool & the restaurants here in the USA won't have them, ha! There are 3 action figures ( Batman, Aquaman, & The Joker ) and a cool Toy Vehicle. It's a Batmobile Car that splits open to reveal a Bat-Cycle inside! If you visit the Official Argentina McDonald's website you can watch a video of the TV Commercial. Here's a link to check it out, just click HERE! Oh yeah, when you get there click on a tab that says "Mira El Comercial" to see the TV spot. Also, a special thanks goes out to a good bat-citizen named Pedro for letting us know about this event!

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